Welcome to Sagittarius Season!

Dec 7, 2023

Hello Enchanting Souls,

As we dive into December, the cosmos align with the spirited energy of Sagittarius. The Sagittarius New Moon on 12/12 invites us to set bold intentions, harness enthusiasm, and charge ahead toward our goals. With the Winter Solstice on 12/21, we find ourselves holding a new vision, basking in the high spirits of the season, and preparing for the festivities ahead.

šŸŒŒ Sagittarius Season Magic Sagittarius, the adventurer and seeker, encourages us to embrace the thrill of the unknown. This season is a call to action, an invitation to infuse our days with the joyous pursuit of our dreams. Let's revel in the holiday magic, share in the joy of gift-giving, and dance under the Winter Solstice stars.

šŸŒ™ Sagittarius New Moon - 12/12 Under the enchanting glow of the Sagittarius New Moon, plant the seeds of your aspirations. Whether it's a new project, a personal goal, or a shift in perspective, let the energy of this celestial event guide you.

ā˜ƒļø Winter Solstice - 12/21 As we approach the Winter Solstice, celebrate the longest night and welcome the returning light. It's a time to reflect, set intentions, and revel in the warmth of community.

āœØ Cheers to Enchantment! May this December be filled with the magic of Sagittarius and the joy of shared moments. Here's to embracing the enchantment in every step of the journey.

Wishing you a magical December,Ā 

The Practical Magic Team šŸŒ™āœØ