Unlocking the Magic of the Pink Moon - April 24, 2024

Mar 30, 2024

We are so excited to invite you on a journey to harness the energies of this enchanting lunar event through our exclusive Full Moon Ritual kits.

Understanding the Pink Moon

Contrary to its name, the Pink Moon doesn't actually appear pink. Instead, it's named after the wild ground phlox, a pink flower native to North America that blooms around this time of year. Also known as the Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon, or Fish Moon, this full moon heralds the arrival of spring in its full splendor.

Embracing Lunar Energies

At Practical Magic, we believe in the power of aligning with natural rhythms. The Pink Moon is a time of growth, renewal, and manifestation. It's a perfect opportunity to release what no longer serves us and amplify our intentions for the future.

Introducing Our Full Moon Ritual Kits

To enhance your Pink Moon experience, we've curated Full Moon Ritual kits designed to help you tap into the magic of this celestial event. Each kit includes:

  • Detailed Instructions: Step-by-step guidance to create your sacred space and perform your ritual with intention.
  • Full Moon Candle: Handcrafted with a blend of herbs, crystals, and oils specifically chosen to align with the energies of the Pink Moon.
  • Sacred Salt: Use it to create a protective circle and cleanse your space.
  • Moon Magic Craft Cocktail/Mocktail Kit: Indulge in our signature craft cocktails/mocktails infused with botanical wonders that resonate with lunar energies.
  • Full Moon Tea Blend: Delight in the flavors and benefits of our herbal tea blend crafted to honor the Pink Moon.

Optional Enhancements

For an added touch of magic, consider including our Ritual Tokes in your ritual. These are specially crafted to complement the Pink Moon energies and enhance your spiritual experience.

How to Get Your Full Moon Ritual Kit

We will be conjuring up a limited amount or Full Moon ritual kits for the Pink Moon. You can pre-order yours now and they will ship in early April. We will remove them from the website as they sell out. Get ready to embrace the magic, set your intentions, and watch as the universe aligns to support your manifestations.

Join Us in Celebrating the Pink Moon

As we come together to honor the Pink Moon, let's embrace the beauty of nature's cycles and the magic they bring into our lives. Follow us on social media for more updates, rituals, and magical offerings. Here's to a transformative Pink Moon experience!