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Aug 16, 2023
We are back and in a new form! While it’s true that our physical store location has closed, we’ve expanded our horizons and now live online. I’m still hard at work creating products that will support your healthiest and most magical experience. The past month has been filled with tremendous change; as much as I’m going to miss the shop by the beach I’m happy to say that the entire staff has come with me for the next leg of the journey! You can count on the same friendly and knowledgeable people to prepare and handle your shipments with love and care. Our new warehouse space is abuzz with activity and the most heavenly aromas.
As an Aries, I’m really feeling the fire of Leo season right now! I love starting new projects so my juices are flowing and I’m filled with fun and exciting new ideas for the months ahead. According to our in-house Tarot reader Lisa, a lot of people are feeling that drive to get creative and make some new changes in their lives. By the way, you can still book a reading with Lisa, just visit her here for questions, details, and scheduling!
Leo energy invites us to feel fully alive, to have passion for what we’re doing. There’s a confidence and pleasure in being seen for our gifts and talents – it’s fun to be celebrated! It’s important to let yourself shine and express who you truly are. Life is short . . . what are you waiting for? Leos don’t wait to get invited to the party – they ARE the party! So gather some friends, light a few candles, put out a cheese board, crank up the music, and serve up our fiery and frisky Spicy Margarita Craft Cocktail Kit 
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Our clients are still part of our community and we want to continue offering you ways to come together and share magic, friendship, and high-quality products. 
We appreciate and celebrate you with so much big-hearted Leo love.