Mabon, Autumnal Equinox & Limited Edition Halloween Magic Candles

Sep 20, 2023

Our magical, in-house candle witch, Alana, has crafted a small batch of her famous fall candles that we are excited to share with you!

There really is a very limited supply so order today because these will go fast. (Alana has a very dedicated and loyal fan base). She chose two of her “fan favorite” scents and has adorned them with several magical crystals and herbs.
HARVEST FESTIVAL reminds us of candy covered apples, warm cinnamon donuts, popcorn balls and crunchy fall leaves.
Light up the Harvest Festival candle this fall season to bring in a loving, healing, abundant energy to you home. The aromas of apple and spice will fill your senses with inner joy & sense of autumn wonder. Carnelian and Citrine gems bring inner strength and uplifting feelings. Apple adds a bit of love and luck to your magic. Cinnamon for speed and protection. Yarrow to remove energetic blocks and increase healing energy.
Aroma notes - Apple, cinnamon, clove, vanilla, nutmeg, cider, orange peel, & cranberry

Adornments: Carnelian - strength, courage, confidence warmth and joy
Citrine - wonder, delight, success, prosperity
Apple - Abundance, love, longevity, fertility, luck
Cinnamon - heating up, enhancing speed, protection, raising vibration
Yarrow- healing, divination, love, purification.
AUTUMN GATHERING smells like pumpkin pie, rainy days and curling up by the fireplace with a mug of vanilla chai and a good book. 
Burn the Autumn Gathering candle to create a sense of harmony, protection and uplifting energy to your home this spooky season. The warm, spicy and sweet aromas of pumpkin and chai will fill your space with a blanket of golden warmth. The carnelian stones encourage personal empowerment and creativity. Cinnamon brings forth manifestations quickly and safely. Pumpkin seeds to connect you to your natural psychic abilities and ward off unwanted harmful energy. Aroma notes: pumpkin, brown sugar, vanilla, clove, cardamom, cinnamon & praline
Adornments: Carnelian - strength, courage, confidence warmth and joy 
Cinnamon - heating up, enhancing speed, protection, raising vibration 
Pumpkin seed- harmony, enhancing physic abilities, repels negative energies, hexes & curses.
SIZE: Candles are shown next to our regular 8 oz candles. These candles range from 12 to 18 oz each for an 84 hour+ burn time.
+++ All Soy Wax and Clean Scents +++

Mabon, Autumnal Equinox & More

How did the New Moon in Virgo feel for you? Is it a time of setting new intentions, or more a time of release? While there are traditional ideas on how to work with major moon phases, what matters most is what the energy is bringing up for you and how is it affecting your lived experience. For many of us, this feels more like a time of harvesting, taking stock of where we are, what's working and what's not, and how we might refine a certain area of our lives. All is important and welcome. Let your intuition be your guide.
In just a week's time, we will be transitioning into the autumnal magic of Libra season. No sign better symbolizes the balance of darkness and light achieved at the peak of the equinox, that moment of perfect alignment. In pagan traditions, the equinox is known as Mabon, and signifies the second harvest in the cycle of the planting year. Light and life are dwindling, and it is a time of gratitude, reflection, and preparation to ultimately clear away the fallen fruits to give up to the bonfire. In the flickering light of the flames, we are encouraged to turn inward and engage with our shadows.
Speaking of shadows, we have finally emerged from Mercury Retrograde! While many people fear retrogrades, it largely depends on how you regard what comes up. We all want things to work out the way we want when we want. If they don’t, we might complain, feel defeated, or find someone or something to blame. Instead, we can choose to observe the perceived setback and ask – was our planning hasty? Are we pushing due to impatience or fear of missing out? Is the tension at home with our partner urging us to revisit a long-simmering issue? 
And then sometimes things just happen and it’s not about you, and learning to meet it with a bit of grace and acceptance is the best course of action. Yes, your computer isn't working or your kid is picking a fight --- you can flip out or you can take a pause. Why am I so upset? Am I scared? Angry? Anxious? Hurt?  Try to identify the root emotion. You might have felt similar discomfort with the recent Venus Retrograde, which has mercifully passed. Venus is a very personal energy, so all our tender spots around desirability, relationships, and prosperity felt very poked! Again, your thoughts and feelings during this time are powerful feedback for you and can tell you so much about what still needs attention, compassion, and possible development. You are not defined by your responses, but they are brilliant clues to the multifaceted kaleidoscope that is YOU.
Lisa De La O Wyman - our in-house astrologer