It's Scorpio Season!

Nov 1, 2023

Welcome to Scorpio Season!

We’ve been unfolding its mysteries since October 23rd and it continues to bring sudden changes and intense emotions. While all other zodiacal signs are represented by one archetype, Scorpio boasts a whopping 3 – scorpion, eagle, and phoenix! 

The scorpion is a tough, fully armored creature living in dark crevices. It’s watchful, defensive and ready to strike with its deadly stinger. It lives in a constant duality between survival and potential death. These are big extremes, increasing hyper-vigilance and a sometimes bleak view of the world. As Scorpionic energy evolves, it expresses as the eagle, flying freely through the air with a panoramic view of reality. It becomes easier to see the connections between things, a broader perspective, and focus on a grand vision rather than the minutia of everyday grievances. Finally, Scorpio rebirths itself in the form of the phoenix bird. This mythological creature regularly cycles through a process of immolation and resurrection from its own ashes. Symbolically, this is how our lives operate. The different phases we experience have endings, that part of who we are and how we live dies, then from what remains we rebuild anew. In the wreckage, we begin to see a new way – hopefully a brighter one. 

Where in your life do you feel something dying off? Where are you holding too tightly to something you want to keep but it seems to be slipping through your fingers? Is it starting to feel forced? What are you afraid of if you lose it? Depending on the situation, you may actually be resisting your own growth. Nothing lasts forever. Even situations and relationships that do last for a long time change often over the course of their lifespans. Change is life. It’s the one thing we are sure of, can count on, and can thrive through if we allow ourselves. Where is the hint of rebirth showing up for you? You may just find greater peace and happiness by letting it happen.

Lisa De La O Wyman - our in-house astrologer